As in all areas of modern life, software is transforming bookkeeping and accounting for SME’s. With small businesses making more use of online payments and rapidly moving towards a paperless environment it has become essential to pick the right software for your business. Using the right software can save you days in time and £000’s in accounting fees.

When taking on a new client we always take the time to get to know our new client’s business and to establish their specific needs and requirements. We then closely work with our client to determine which software will be best suited for their specific needs. Of course, if a client is already using software then we will in most cases keep using the existing software, unless the advantages of the new software far outweigh those of the existing software.

We are confident that in future one of the first questions a prospective client will ask an accountant will be: ‘Which accounting software do you use?’ Because if the accountant uses an in-house system (i.e. one only used by that accounting firm) it will be a disadvantage for the prospective client - if you at any point want to move accountants (because you’re not happy with their service, fees, etc.) you will not be able to continue using their in-house system and will have to change to new accounting software, which certainly adds to the administrative burden of changing accountants and can so easily be avoided when using online software.

Because of the reasons mentioned above we take a very different approach to most other accountants, as we work with a variety of different accounting software packages, meaning we can help clients pick the software that is best suited for them and their business.

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